You're in good company
Asset Developers

— Analyst at Major Developer: “The sharpest players are gobbling up assets. Those companies leveraging analytics will do best."

— CEO at Developer: “My team told us they had to have this to execute on our M&A plans.”

— VP at Developer: “We decided to pass on that opportunity on the battery portfolio we talked about. Your analysis for us was super helpful with our due diligence.”

Investment Banks

— Sr. Banker at Bulge Bracket Investment Bank: “If I didn’t have this, and I was going toe-to-toe with the competition, I would lose.”

— VP at Investment Bank: “You have our client’s project data on your platform and not many people know about them - I wouldn’t want this information to fall into the hands of our competitors.”

— Sr. Banker at Bulge Bracket Investment Bank: “I've been looking at power data since 1998 and nothing has changed in that time. What you are showing here is incredibly differentiated.”

Private Equity

— VP at Private Equity Firm: “This is an early industry [RNG] with less than 100 existing projects - this was incredibly useful to hear unbiased analysis on the market and regulatory incentives.”

— Principal at Private Equity Firm: “There’s a real benefit from Orennia’s data not being exposed to data room, it’s completely open source and neutral, and provides a broad overview to a granular level. This is very valuable as both a sounding board and educational tool in the rapidly evolving sectors like CCUS, RNG, Biofuels, Hydrogen.”

— Sr. Technical Advisor at Private Equity: “Orennia is able to integrate market dynamics in a way that myopic consultants cannot.”