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Orennia's analytics platform allows you to screen opportunities in RNG, renewable fuels, hydrogen and e-mobility charging in a fraction of the time. With our platform and analysts, we provide you with detailed custom views to optimize your decisions.

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Faster and Smarter Decisions.

Leverage Orennia’s platform and experts to make faster, more informed decisions. The combination of clean data and subject matter expertise drives energy transition investments in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our comprehensive data is delivered via an all-in-one analytics platform to save you time. Our subject matter experts then layer it with proprietary analytics to give you more robust insights so you can quickly screen opportunities.
Know more:

  • See ownership and asset details to easily establish who has the highest ROI projects
  • Accurately forecast development timelines to assess growth prospects
  • Compare existing and potential project value assets instantly

Informed decisions.

Accelerate your time to value and optimize your revenue streams. We provide insights that others don’t.
Maximize opportunity:

  • Layered analytics and models to save time and reduce errors
  • Subject matter experts help you benchmark your investments in energy transition spaces
  • Accurately forecast buildout growth for your projects and create full valuations

Grow confidently.

Our experts have decades of industry experience and, combined with a powerful analytics platform, will work alongside your team to empower your energy transition decisions. Our team of engineers, power modellers, data scientists and analysts will ensure your time is spent on what matters most.
Scale faster:

  • Benefit from decades of industry experience
  • We help you understand the complex market rules and the surrounding opportunities and risks in your space
  • Our expert insights drive value for your team

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Get realtime insights and analytics to make better, faster decisions to improve your returns in the energy transition space.

The amount of low-carbon hydrogen produced in the US.

124,100 tons/year

The year-on-year growth of renewable diesel consumption in the US in the past decade.


The number of Olympic-size swimming pools that US livestock could fill with manure per year that could be utilized in a digester.

1.27 MM

The percentage of zero-emission vehicle sales in California.

Solutions for your Industry

The energy transition is accelerating and our solution will help you get ahead of the curve.


Unlock new investment opportunities and maximize your returns in the energy transition. We provide a leading edge analytics platform along with industry experts to maximize your energy transition investments.


Orennia provides accurate real-time data and analytics to help you minimize project risk and maximize your opportunities. Integrate Orennia into your capital allocation workflow to deliver higher returns and improve project execution.

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Orennia's customized analytics platform plus access to our industry experts provide your business with an unrivalled solution. See how we can help your business optimize capital allocation investments while reducing project risk.

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Principal at a Private Equity Firm:

— Having this specific data for RNG is valuable. This is farther along than any of the other research reports I’ve seen. I haven’t seen this information before.

VP at Private Equity Firm:

— This is an early industry [RNG] - this was incredibly useful to hear unbiased analysis on the market and regulatory incentives.