Make the most of your Energy Transition investments

Gain valuable insights and make better decisions with Orennia’s differentiated data and leading-edge analytics so you can maximize your investments in the Energy Transition

As investors look to capitalize on the generational shift in renewable energy, energy transition, and decarbonization spaces, Orennia’s solution empowers better decision-making with cutting-edge technology.

Our proprietary analytics, curated by highly experienced industry experts, scaled with technology, and consumed via a state-of-the-art visualization platform help clients scale their processes and enable confident investment decisions in power & renewables, carbon capture, renewable fuels, and more.

How we help

As an investor looking to optimize this generational opportunity in renewable energy, Orennia empowers you with trusted commercial technology to best inform your investment and capital allocation decisions. Orennia’s unique approach to objective analytics and insight begins with the aggregation and cleansing of massive amounts of commercial, engineering, pricing, transmission facility, and demand data. Our insights, curated by highly experienced industry experts, help renewable power sector investors accelerate their time-to-value and enable confident investment decisions.

Increase Returns

Maximize ROI with assessments, ranking, and optimization of investment ideas.

Decrease Risk

Focus on well-managed outcomes with clean data and analytics

Competitive Advantage

Outperform your competitors with cutting-edge technology

Attract Capital

Earn investor trust with advanced analytics

Save Time & Decrease Cost

Grow your team without adding headcount

Cutting Edge Data

Power your processes with innovative data and analytics

We provide the cleanest, most actionable intelligence to help you make informed investment decisions in the Energy Transition.

Are you maximizing your investments?

Who we are

As tenured energy investment research analysts, renewable power experts, and data scientists, the Orennia team takes pride in providing clients with the right data and analytical tools crucial to forming informed capital allocation decisions.

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