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The pace of innovation in the race to reduce carbon is at an all-time high. Leverage data and proprietary analytics to get ahead of the curve and invest in projects with the highest returns.

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Orennia provides a centralized source of data-driven models for decarbonization projects, along with a team of expert analysts. Simple decision making in a complex environment.

Utilize actionable bottom-up analysis, which provides robust insights on decarbonization projects and brownfield point source emitters. Our platform has comprehensive datasets and analytics in rapidly advancing markets for CCUS.
Gain insight:

  • Understand return targets and minimize investment risk
  • Gauge economic evaluation of projects under a variety of scenarios
  • Access pre-configured models to identify the best opportunities
  • Determine the revenue outlets for abated CO2 molecules such as low carbon fuel standards, voluntary offset markets and tax credits

Expedite your opportunity evaluation.

Gain industry insights from subject matter experts, without the added headcount. Through actionable research reports and differentiated insights, you can confidently assess emerging markets and opportunities.

  • Identify and ramp up new opportunities
  • Quantify policy and regulatory risks
  • Get access to cross-sector analytics and track organizational activity

Create new opportunity.

Orennia will help you understand and leverage total addressable market analytics for emerging decarbonization sectors.
Smarter decisions:

  • The most comprehensive datasets on current and future decarbonization projects
  • Expert analysis that complements the data
  • Comprehensive data on annual facility emissions

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Identify new Opportunities

Understand the decarbonization market and identify emerging opportunities through Orennia's custom analytics and unique insights.

The number of years it would take to fill potential global underground carbon storage if injecting 100% of current CO2 emissions.


The percentage of global carbon emissions that are covered under a carbon tax.


Growth in carbon credit retirements in the last five years.

37% (CAGR)

The methane emission fee in the Inflation Reduction Act.

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The energy transition is accelerating and our solution will help you get ahead of the curve.


Unlock new investment opportunities and maximize your returns in the energy transition. We provide a leading edge analytics platform along with industry experts to maximize your energy transition investments.


Orennia provides accurate real-time data and analytics to help you minimize project risk and maximize your opportunities. Integrate Orennia into your capital allocation workflow to deliver higher returns and improve project execution.

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Orennia's customized analytics platform plus access to our industry experts provide your business with an unrivalled solution. See how we can help your business optimize capital allocation investments while reducing project risk.

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Principal at Private Equity Firm:

— There’s a real benefit from Orennia’s data not being exposed to data room, it’s completely open source and neutral, and provides a broad overview to a granular level. This is very valuable as both a sounding board and educational tool in the rapidly evolving sectors like CCUS, RNG, Biofuels, Hydrogen.

Sr. Technical Advisor at Private Equity:

— Orennia is able to integrate market dynamics in a way that myopic consultants cannot.