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IPPs. Developers. Corporates. Integrate Orennia into your capital allocation workflow to deliver higher returns and improve project execution. Reduce risk and make the right investment decisions in the energy transition, decarbonization and renewables sectors.

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Optimize your Capital Allocation.

Orennia provides accurate real-time data and analytics to help you minimize project risk and maximize your opportunities.

Orennia provides the most robust repository of energy transition data available and the most comprehensive information on energy transition projects in the US.
Move quickly:

  • Comprehensive interconnection queue analytics to get your projects online faster
  • Identify the best opportunities before your competition does
  • Understand complex compliance and voluntary carbon market price models

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Our focus is on energy transition data and analytics that prioritizes profitability. The Orennia platform has the most extensive energy transition project data available.
Maximize ROI:

  • Increase capital productivity in renewables, CCUS, storage and more
  • Quickly access and understand project economics with unrivalled price forecasts
  • Benchmark and compare expected returns to other US based projects

Deliver more.

The Orennia platform has the widest range of data available that can be customized to your unique business needs. With insights from centralized data and clear visual dashboards, you can spend your time on the highest value opportunities.
Quickly identify:

  • High potential projects sooner
  • Project performance compared to your competition
  • Pricing models to optimize capital allocation

Projects done right, with data.

Maximize Returns

Orennia will help you maximize your project investments with sophisticated analytics and insights to get you ahead of the competition.

Projects in development in the US.


Wind generation additions required globally by 2030 under the IEA’s net zero by 2050 pathway.

390 GW

The total capacity of energy storage projects in development in the US.

450 GW

Solar generation additions required globally by 2030 under the IEA’s net zero by 2050 pathway.

630 GW

Fast Analytics. Accurate Decisions.

Orennia’s subject matter experts and comprehensive data provide digestible, actionable insights that lead to better decision-making. Accelerate your investment process.

Centralized Data

Aggregated, clean data: inform your decisions with the widest range of data in one platform. We'll save you time to focus on the right deals.

Insights from Subject Matter Experts

Gain a unique competitive advantage. Our industry experts create multiple layers of analytics and provide qualified, curated information. Make confident decisions with a clear understanding of the macro and micro characteristics of your market.

Pre-configured Models

Our industry experts have developed turnkey dashboards to get you working on day one.

Energy Transition Focused

Orennia has the best and the brightest minds to help identify opportunities and benchmark your investments. We focus solely on energy transition analytics.


— My team told us they had to have this to execute on our M&A plans.

Analyst at Major Developer:

— The sharpest players are gobbling up assets. Those companies leveraging analytics will do best.