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Clarity. Informed business decisions. ROI. Make the right capital allocation decisions with the most comprehensive energy transition insights on the market. Reliable data layered with proprietary analytics and insights, compiled by a dedicated team with expertise in all aspects of the energy transition including power and renewables, decarbonization and energy transition spaces.

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We merge subject matter experts with the richest data sources, giving you a customized platform for better deals, in record time.

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Centralized Data

Aggregated, clean data: inform your decisions with the widest range of data in one platform. We'll save you time to focus on the right deals.

Insights from Subject Matter Experts

Gain a unique competitive advantage. Our industry experts take multiple layers of analytics and provide digestible, qualified information. Make confident decisions with a clear understanding of the macro and micro characteristics of your market.

Pre-configured Models

Our industry experts have developed turnkey dashboards to get you working on day one.

Energy Transition Focused

Orennia offers you the best and the brightest to help identify opportunities and benchmark your investments. We focus solely on energy transition analytics.

Solutions for your Industry

The energy transition is accelerating and our solution will help you get ahead of the curve.


Unlock new investment opportunities and maximize your returns in the energy transition. We provide a leading edge analytics platform along with industry experts to maximize your energy transition investments.


Orennia provides accurate real-time data and analytics to help you minimize project risk and maximize your opportunities. Integrate Orennia into your capital allocation workflow to deliver higher returns and improve project execution.

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Orennia's customized analytics platform plus access to our industry experts provide your business with an unrivalled solution. See how we can help your business optimize capital allocation investments while reducing project risk.

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