Energy transition analytics for investors

Integrate Orennia analytics and insights into your workflow and make sophisticated investment decisions based on the best and most accurate information. We provide a leading edge analytics platform along with industry experts to maximize your energy transition investments.

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Win the Energy Transition.

Unlock new investment opportunities and maximize your returns in the energy transition.

Orennia helps you scale your capacity to screen deals by filtering out the noise and finding the opportunities with the greatest ROI.
Identify opportunity:

  • Screen deals faster and improve win rates
  • Evaluate assets and preempt the tender process
  • Utilize actionable insights to focus on well-managed outcomes and decrease investment risk

Create value.

Orennia will help you maximize your ROI with assessments, ranking, and optimization of investment ideas. We provide dashboards customized for your organizational needs and strategy, along with a team of subject matter experts to deliver actionable insights.
Choose the right deals:

  • Win investment opportunities in record time
  • Know instantly when to pass on unprofitable projects
  • See contract terms of past projects to negotiate favorable terms for new projects

Do more with Orennia.

As the energy transition space becomes increasingly competitive, Orennia provides you with the insights to invest in the right opportunities while outpacing your competition.
Gain the advantage:

  • Investment workflows powered by innovative data and analytics
  • Expert analysts who provide unbiased and strategic macro/micro insights
  • Analysis not available to the wider market

Be the leader.

Secure the Deal

Orennia provides market-leading data and analytics, helping you make informed decisions across your energy transition investments. Smarter insights. Faster decisions.

The investment dollars needed worldwide per year on average to reach net zero by 2050.

$9.2 T

Needed CO2 emission reductions by 2030 that can be achieved with current technologies.


The amount of net new jobs decarbonization will create worldwide by 2030.

25 MM

Estimated levelized cost of energy for solar + 4 h battery.


Fast Analytics. Accurate Decisions.

We merge subject matter experts with the richest data sources, giving you a customized platform for better deals, in record time.

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Centralized Data

Aggregated, clean data: inform your decisions with the widest range of data in one platform. We'll save you time to focus on the right deals.

Insights from Subject Matter Experts

Gain a unique competitive advantage. Our industry experts create multiple layers of analytics and provide qualified, curated information. Make confident decisions with a clear understanding of the macro and micro characteristics of your market.

Pre-configured Models

Our industry experts have developed turnkey dashboards to get you working on day one.

Energy Transition Focused

Orennia has the best and the brightest minds to help identify opportunities and benchmark your investments. We focus solely on energy transition analytics.

Sr. Banker at Bulge Bracket Investment Bank:

— If I didn’t have this, and I was going toe-to-toe with the competition, I would lose.

VP at Investment Bank:

— You have our client’s project data on your platform and not many people know about them. I wouldn’t want this information to fall into the hands of our competitors.