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How to get ahead with data and analytics.

Who Makes it Through ERCOT?

Interconnection queues are so backlogged that there is little chance of a new project. How do you gauge the chance of success for every active wind, solar and energy storage project?

What is IQ Placement Worth?

Unsurprisingly, the sheer effort and uncertainty of getting through an IQ results in a significant value lift once successful. The interconnection agreement represents a value discontinuity. Pre-IA is a waiting game; post-IA is a race to completion.

Where are the Best Storage Investments?

The implications of the IQ will change how the grid behaves and with it, how storage generates revenue. This impact will be felt differently at each node. How do you accurately quantify arbitrage and ancillary opportunity to separate high quality from high risk?

Making sense of interconnection queues.

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