20 Largest Public Orennia

By Aaron Foyer
VP, Orennia

Utilities in North America are crucial for providing essential services such as electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage to millions of households and businesses. They are foundational to economic stability, public health, and overall quality of life across the continent.  

  • Power: Generate, transmit, and distribute electrical power. These utilities operate large power plants, wind farms, solar arrays, and hydroelectric dams to ensure a continuous supply of electricity. 
  • Natural Gas: Supply fuel for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. These utilities manage extensive networks of pipelines and storage facilities. 
  • Water: Provide clean drinking water and manage wastewater. These utilities maintain treatment plants, distribution systems, and sewage networks. 
  • Sewage: Handle wastewater collection and treatment, ensuring that sewage is processed and returned to the environment safely. 

Utilities are major employers and investors in infrastructure projects, contributing significantly to local and national economies. They also support industries by providing the energy and resources needed for production and operations. 

Company Type Country
NextEra Power and gas US
Southern Company Power and gas US
Duke Energy Power and gas US
Constellation Energy Power and gas US
PG&E Power and gas US
Sempra Energy Power and gas US
American Electric Power Power and gas US
National Grid Power and gas UK
Dominion Energy Power and gas US
Public Service Enterprise Group Power and gas US
Exelon Power and gas US, Canada
Consolidated Edison Power and gas US
Vistra Power and gas US
Xcel Energy Power and gas US
BCE Internet and communications Canada
Edison International Power US
American Water Works Water US
WEC Energy Group Power and gas US
DTE Energy Power and gas US
Entergy Power and gas US


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