See the market in a new light.

Know what’s driving price, right now.

Real-time analytics help you track and interpret market conditions as they happen.

  • Follow market price action
  • Identify fundamental supply and demand drivers as they unfold
  • Track output of specific generation assets
  • Track the composition of the grid’s changing supply mix

Get alerts on real time market events.

Set personalized email alerts to stay on top of changes in the market:

  • Price spikes
  • Peak load events
  • Plant outages
  • Supply adequacy
  • Output from specific plants

Dig deep into historical data to make the right call.

Historical market analytics help place current market conditions in context:

  • Reveal ongoing trends
  • Discover historical comparisons
  • Identify changes in market fundamentals
  • Export historical data

Anticipate price. Take action.

Proprietary forecasting analytics help you anticipate market conditions:

  • Predict high power prices
  • Predict monthly peak load events
  • Plan your operations for the week ahead
  • Maximize asset revenues or minimize power costs

Track any market data you want, from any time period.

Data Explorer

  • Create custom charts & dashboards to track the data most important to you
  • Export historical data for any metric for further analysis
  • Choose from a library of off-the-shelf charts of popular datasets

And more to come! Our suite of analytical tools is always growing.

Who can benefit from Spectrum?

  • Real-Time Analysts & Energy Marketers
  • Managers & Executive Leadership
  • Plant Operators
  • Industrial Load Consumers
  • Project Developers
  • Energy Traders
  • Business Development Teams
  • Utilities & Energy Retailers
  • Financial Institutions & Lenders
  • Buy-Side Portfolio Managers & Private Equity
  • Sell-Side Research Analysts
  • Academics & Researchers
  • Policy Institutions & Think Tanks
  • Students & Educators
  • Consultants
  • Government & Regulators
  • Media

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